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Adventures Abroad
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Braving the Weather

B parked the car and we stared out the window. The wind was blowing and the rain was falling. The temperature gauge in my car read 50 degrees…time to bundle up and adventure out.

B and I braving the weather.
Crafty Bastards is an event that comes once a year on October 1st, so people are willing to venture into the crazy weather to find one of a kind art pieces (i.e. paintings, shirts, candles). This is not just a festival for art, but also a chance for breakdancing competitions.  (Click the link to check out a video!) The event is free to attend, but you need money for the snacks and art you may be interested in. Keep a budget in mind!

I was surprised how many people actually attended the event due to the weather. Each tent that was set up was crowded with people and many umbrellas. Within an hour, my tote bag was filled with neat things. I went a little over my budget, but it was worth it because I found some great art, a fox shirt, and an owl candle.

What neat things did you find at Crafty Bastards (if you attended)?


  1. I like the link that you posted. I've never seen breakdancers like that before.

  2. Katarina, I'm glad the weather didn't keep you away from the festival, and I'm sure the artists who exhibited and danced were happy that you and others braved the elements. Sounds like you picked up some great finds!