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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Scare Your Pants Off

Due to the Halloween spirit I decided to travel into the world of horror movies. Have you ever found yourself questioning almost every scenario in horror movies?

Even Scream likes to carve pumpkins!
Lets start by breaking down the appeal of the genre. I watch the genre a lot during Halloween because I feel it has enough of a scary vibe to keep the spirit of Halloween going. On the other hand, scientists’ say that psychologically it releases built up or repressed emotions. In my opinion, I think we just love to have the pants scared off of us.

What are key elements in horror flicks?
  • There has to be some sort of hero or main victim. Due to this main victim’s decisions many people close to him/her will be killed.
  • The main victim must be isolated. The isolation is done mentally and physically (i.e. separate him/her in the woods).
  • The main victim will become panic-stricken and will end up in deeper sh*t.
  • The main victim ends up backed up against a wall and does not sacrifice him/herself. This leads to the secondary victims to start dying off.
  • Usually, the end is when the main victim fights back. Some horror flicks allow the main victim to win while others have no hero and everyone ends up dead.

So what else do I have to question?
Well, recently I watched Scream IV. The movie was cool, but it made me realize in almost all horror flicks:
  • There are never any parents at home with their kids.
  • Nobody owns dogs.
  • People rarely fight back when attacked.
  • My favorite is the fact that someone always gets out of the car, which makes the killer’s life easier.

What are some suggestions for films to analyze?
Human Centipede, Scream IV, Black Sheep (weird & funny horror), An American Werewolf in London, Dawn of the Dead, Halloween, and Creature From the Black Lagoon

Why do you watch horror flicks?

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