Adventures Abroad

Adventures Abroad
Machu Picchu

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Hello, fellow bloggers! 

As you may know, I am infected with wanderlust. I constantly dream of far away lands and adventures that may be awaiting me. Unfortunately, I can only get treated for my wanderlust a few times a year due to school, family, and money. 

I feel that some of you may be suffering from this infection that consumes your mind, body, and soul. So, I recently stumbled upon an antidote. Are you curious to know what could possibly help cure your wanderlust that does not involve leaving your hometown? 

Okay, I will tell you the secret antidote. I stumbled upon this wonderful book that takes you to far away lands. The book is called Wanderlust: A Love Affair With Five Continents by Elisabeth Eaves. Now, now don't lose interest just yet! The antidote can be found under Travel/Memoir for $16.95 new or $7.83 used on Amazon. I suggest you hurry up and get your hands on this book because once you do, you will never want to put it down. Okay, I understand you need more information.

Book Description:

"Spanning 15 years of travel, beginning when she is a sophomore in college, Wanderlust documents Elisabeth Eaves’s insatiable hunger for the rush of the unfamiliar and the experience of encountering new people and cultures. Young and independent, she crisscrosses five continents and chases the exotic, both in culture and in romance. In the jungles of Papua New Guinea, she loses herself—literally—to an Australian tour guide; in Cairo, she reconnects with her high school sweetheart, only to discover the beginning of a pattern that will characterize her life over the long-term: while long-distance relationships work well for her, traditional relationships do not.

Wanderlust, however, is more than a chronological conquest of men and countries: at its core, it’s a journey of self-discovery. In the course of her travels, Eaves finds herself and the sense of home she’s been lacking since childhood—and she sheds light on a growing culture of young women who have the freedom and inclination to define their own, increasingly global, lifestyles, unfettered by traditional roles and conventions of past generations of women."

"Wanderlust delivers the goods up front-motorcycles and sex and stories of places that smell nothing like your cafeteria- and then pulls off something trickier. Elisabeth Eaves shoes here that our attempts to find a different better self through travel can be immensely entertaining, but we are always already moving. Wanderlust brilliantly, carefully maps how active the heart is, even at a standstill."  -Sasha Frere-Jones, The New Yorker

Amazing Quote:
"Travel is like adultery: one is always tempted to be unfaithful to one's own country. To have imagination is inevitably to be dissatisfied with where you our wanderlust, we are lovers looking for consummation."

Did you read it? If so, what did you think of Wanderlust? 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Backpacking Basics

Hello, fellow adventurers!

Have you always wanted to backpack across Europe or the world in general? I bet you wonder what it takes to be a true backpacker, right? Well, I have already given you some tips in a few earlier posts, but I have great news...

"Cheesing it" in Peru with my first
hand-me-down backpack!
The other day, I went to REI with B because he was preparing for a trip to Nicaragua and needed supplies. While I was looking around the store, I found a newsletter and decided to take it with me. I'm glad I did because now I can help you guys out. REI is hosting a class on Backpacking Basics! Yes, a class that will get rid of the uncertainty you may have about backpacking!

Description of the class:
"REI will take the mystery out of Backpacking as we share our knowledge in this show and tell session. We will cover backpacking essentials: choosing a pack; selecting proper clothing; and the right footwear; and understanding the basic gear you need to reach your destination."


In-store Locations and Dates:
1) April 4th at Bailey's Crossroads, College Park: 7 p.m.
2) April 11th at Columbia: 7 p.m.
3) April 25th at Rockville: 6:30 p.m.
4) April 27th at Timonium: 7 p.m.

Have fun becoming a true backpacker, fellow adventurers!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mountain Adventures

This is the first year that I am not able to travel outside of Virginia, which at first made me sad. However, this is not that unfortunate because I have great friends to keep me company. When I can't travel too far or I'm on a budget, I always take day trips.

Yesterday, my friends, Ricky and Chelsea, accompanied me to the Shenandoah National Park for a day trip. It cost $15 to get into the park, but the pass lasts for about 6 days. This means that I am able to go back to the park everyday if I wanted to without having to pay again.
View from the mountains

Things to remember if you are going hiking for the day:
-Pack snacks and lunch
-Always take extra water
-Bring a camera
-Bring walking/hiking shoes...or anything comfortable that won't fall off
-ALWAYS wear layers (if you get hot, then just take one layer off at a time)
-Bring a pocket knife
-Bring a flashlight
-Bring toilet paper
-Always have a little bit of cash on you
-Hand sanitizer or wipes

Happy hiking, fellow bloggers!

 --For more pictures from my adventure visit my Facebook page!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Reminding You That Beauty Is From the Inside Out

Hello, fellow bloggers!

This is just an update that the workshop with Alexis Pokorny is on Saturday (March 3rd) from 2-3:30 p.m. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it, but I hope you all can go and fill me in!

Need a refresher?
Alexis will focus on how and what to eat for beautiful hair, skin, and nails. How great is that?! Well, it gets better. In addition, she will educate everyone on using organic natural products and DIY recipes.

$25 for members and $30 for newbies
Learn to Eat Healthy!

Tranquil Space in Dupont Circle

How to sign-up:
1) Click me to go to Tranquil Space
2) Click on Workshops & Events
3) Type in March 3, 2012
4) Scroll down until you find Alexis Pokorny
5) Click on the sign-up link!
6) Have fun :)

As for me, I am going on a weekend trip to New York with B and his aussie friends. I will update on my NYC adventures when I get back! Have a great weekend, fellow bloggers!