Adventures Abroad

Adventures Abroad
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Travel Safe

Have you ever heard the horror stories of people traveling and getting their passports and/or valuables stolen?

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Once upon a time in Nicaragua I heard a story of a girl who got everything stolen from her. She was in the country for humanitarian efforts. Unfortunately, one day she needed to go somewhere and jumped into the first taxi she saw, which already had two men in it. Within a few seconds she had a gun pointed at her and two men yelling in Spanish that they wanted her money. After a few ATM stops they left her on the side of the road and miles away from civilization.
This is not a story meant to scare you, but maybe keep you on your feet…just a little!

Rules to live by when traveling:

·      Don’t wear flashy jewelry
·      Don’t carry all your money around
·      Lock your passport up or hide it, but always carry an I.D. on you.
·      Be careful with your camera (I personally use the handle strap on the camera to loop it through my belt loops because it makes it hard to steal/drop.)
·      Always trust your gut instincts
·      Be aware of your surroundings
·      Be wary of taxis
·      Don’t be scared

Be sure to have fun while traveling!

Do you have any horror stories of traveling abroad?

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