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Adventures Abroad
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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to Dress Parisian

Bonjour, my fellow wanderlusters!

Have you found yourself reading fashion magazines like Vogue or maybe found yourself watching Audrey Hepburn movies like Charade? Do you find yourself dreaming of Parisian fashion? Well, look no further because I am here to give you a quick and easy guide to Parisian fashion. I will also provide a few outfit ideas that may work for you!

First, Parisians are nothing like Americans. In my mind, when they get dressed it is like they are heading to a fashion shoot.


  • Hair: Parisian women do not style their hair. Instead, they sport the air-dried style that most Americans avoid. Yet, Parisians make it look so classy!
  • Makeup: Parisians have beautiful skin. The women in Paris have this beautiful glow to them that I wish I had. They are comfortable in their skin, so makeup is kept pretty simple. Think about just choosing one are to focus on, such as eyes or lips. I spotted many Parisian women with fire engine red lips and no eye makeup. However, i also spotted many with gorgeous peepers loaded with mascara and black eyeliner. Whatever you may choose, keep it simple!
  • Clothes: Parisians are fashionable, but simple. They love neutral colors and patterns.
    • Typical Outfit: 
      • Blazer
      • Striped Shirt
      • Jeans: Don't be scared to roll them up and show off your ankles!
      • Heels: You can wear flats like ballet or oxfords because Paris is full of walking!
      • Purse
    • Dress:
      • Black Dress
      • Heels
      • Jewelry: pearls for day and diamonds for night!
        • Or wear a scarf instead!
      • Clutch
    • My version:
      • Oxfords
      • Cardigan
      • White collared shirt
      • Cuffed jeans
      • Simple functional purse
Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel
  • Hair: Parisian men spend a lot of time on their hair! Shocking, right? 
    • Think of Chuck Bass
    • Slick backed hair from the 40's-60's
      • Tip: Get your hair cut at a Barber Shop!
  • Clothes: Parisian men dress very preppy...or sexy!!
    • Rolled up jeans
    • Collared shirts
    • Ties
    • Shoes: dress shoes-boots
    • Scarfs are a must!
          • Seriously, think Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl!

Both Men and Women:
  • Best accessory is a cute french bulldog! (Expect to pay roughly $1,000)

Have fun dressing Parisian! 
Oh, and feel free to ask for some of my Parisian street photos!

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