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Adventures Abroad
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Friday, October 28, 2011

Dark Hollow Falls

As Halloween quickly approaches, the weather gets colder. I sit in my room pondering what to do on this chilly, fall day. My room has the perfect view of the woods and the beautiful combination of fall colors. The wind has blown a few of the yellow leaves off of the trees, but it creates a beautiful site as they glide ever so elegantly to the ground.

Leaves at my house.
Just watching the leaves makes me travel back to old memories. I have this fond memory of walking in the mountains alone down a horse path. The site I saw was like something from a painting. The trees were parted and both sides were filled with yellow, orange, and red leaves. As for the ground, well, it was covered in leaves. It seemed so peaceful and for a moment time stopped.

Where is this place I refer to?
The Shenandoah National Park is located near Front Royal. There is a small fee to enter into the park, but I can assure you it is completely worth it. This time of year is pretty quiet, so not too many tourists. The exciting part is looking out at the gorgeous site of fall. It truly is picture perfect. Take a picnic basket with you because there are not many places to eat or get water.

What is my favorite place to hike and sit around?
Once I enter the park I always head straight for this waterfall called Dark Hollow Falls. Sounds enticingly scary for Halloween, right? It is a steep climb up and down, but my suggestion is head past the waterfall and deeper into the woods. This is where you will see picture perfect scenery. Unfortunately, there are no pets allowed on this trail.

Have a safe journey to Dark Hollow and beware of the werewolves that haunt the woods!

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