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Adventures Abroad
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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Artomatic 2012!

Hello, fellow adventurers!

A wise man once said, "Art is a microscope, which the artist fixes on the secrets of his soul, and shows to people these secrets which are common to all."

*Warning, there is some nudity within this blog post. 

Your Mission:

1851 S. Bell Street, Arlington (Adjacent to the Crystal City Metrorail station)

Now-June 23
Artomatic Event Schedule


Artomatic is eleven floors worth of art (i.e. paintings, sculptures, photography, and musicians). Bring some cash with you because you are able to buy drinks and snacks (including alcohol).

Do you have empty walls in your loft? Well, this is the time and place to buy art to fill those empty walls. Or, maybe this is the place for you if you want to become more knowledgable in the art world. Whatever the reason, be sure to check it out!
Another talented artist creating a mural on the office building wall. 

A few of my favorite artists:

  • Melissa Burley: Melissa creates amazing showcases of technology and light.

**Artomatic was filled with plenty of artists that deserve recognition too, so maybe you can go and give them it! If you go, let me know what you liked! 


Have fun, fellow adventurers!

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