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Adventures Abroad
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

6 Things to Leave at Home While Traveling

Welcome back, fellow travelers!

6 Things to Leave at Home While Traveling:

1.) Fanny pack: They may be useful, but they are quite bulky and unflattering.

  • Opt for: A money belt or a neck wallet. They run from about $12-30. Also, this will provide you with safety because you won't stand out as a tourist.
Eagle Creek All Terrain Money Belt: $20

2.) Sandals with socks: They make you look very touristy and quite silly....unless you are in Japan, leave them at home!
  • Opt for: Ballet flats or sneakers. Personally, I love Bobs because they are flat, flexible, and comfortable.
Sketchers Bobs: $30-45

3.) Heels: Ladies, I know they are cute and stylish, but unless you are in Paris, keep them at home.
  • Opt for: A cute pair of ballet flats. If you want to be fashionable, try a pair of snake skin Michael Kors flats.
Michael Kors Odette Flat: $185

4.) Convertible pants: While these pants seem like the perfect travel accessory they are also the worst. The     pants will make you look touristy. So, unless you are going to Africa on a safari trip, leave them.
  • Opt for: Pack multiple options, such as a pair of shorts and pants.

5.) Luggage: It is nice to wheel around your clothes, makeup, and shoes, but in all honesty, it it inconvenient.
  • Opt for: A backpack because they are easier to lug around. 
Deuter Aircontact 65 + 10 Pack: $269
6.) IPad: Quite useful, but leave this expensive piece at home.
  • Opt for: A good 'ol book. Books are cheap and the more use they get, the more beautiful they look. IPads are not only expensive, but easily destroyed by the sand, ocean, weight, etc. Stick with the classic book.

The Amazon Journal: $25-40

"The most important thing always to have with me in my case is a book: no companion is likely to be richer, stranger, more alive, and more eager to be intimate. Pens and notebooks, of course. Pieces of America to give away. A Lonely Planet guide to get angry with and bitterly repudiate. More novels and biographies for eight-hour waits.
I think I spend more time thinking about what I don't want to take with me: assumptions, IPods, cameras, plans, friends (in most cases), laptops, headphones, suntan lotion, resumes, expectations."
- Pico Iyer
**Quote is from The TAO of Travel by Paul Theroux

What do you think is better to leave at home while traveling?

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