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Adventures Abroad
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Travel Smart

Peru: I paid them about 50 cents for this picture!

I awoke to a stewardess telling me to put my seat in an upright position because we were ready to land. Finally, we have arrived. I rubbed my eyes as a voice replayed in my head. The voice was of my travel partner, B, mocking me for overpacking. As a backpacker, you are supposed to travel with the bare necessities. Well, I had stuffed my hand-me-down red bag with sweaters, long sleeve shirts, tank tops, shorts, and a fall jacket. I was hoping I didn’t overpack because I had to carry that bag all over Peru from the mountains to the jungle. I let out a sigh of relief when I saw my red bag come around on the baggage carousel. I collected my stuff and continued on to my journey of the unknown. As the airport doors opened a gust of cold air came rushing in. Yes, for once I won the game of “ the best traveler!” I pulled out my jacket with a smile and realized I did not overpack.

How do you avoid overpacking?
  • ·      Read up on the location
  • ·      Map out a plan of attack (or if you are spontaneous like me, don’t worry you can just show up)
  • ·      Check the weather
  • ·      Ask yourself simple questions (i.e. Do I really need to bring a pair of heels?)
  • ·      Pack travel sized bottles (i.e. shampoo, contact solution, etc.)
  • ·      Pack lightly because there are laundry services
  • ·      Take away half of the clothes that are in front of you (5-6 days worth is perfect)
  • ·      Always wear your bulkiest items on your body on travel day (i.e. sneakers, hoodie, & jeans)

How do you prepare for a trip?

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  1. Three backpackers sit around a campfire. The first brags that he cut down on weight by breaking the handle off his toothbrush. The second ups the ante boasting he makes due with only 3 pairs of underwear in his pack. The third backpacker looks at them strangely and asks “what’s ‘underwear’?!”