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Monday, October 15, 2012

Where is the Great Pumpkin?

Hello, fellow adventurers!

Have you been looking for an activity to do during the beautiful fall weather? Well, look no further if you are in the Virginia area!

October is not only known for Halloween, but pumpkins! They can be used for decoration, food, and much more. Pumpkin picking is one of my favorite things to do in October.

Where to go:
  • "Belvedere Plantation is a 645 acre heritage farm, built in the 1760's on the historic Rappahannock River near Fredericksburg, Virginia. It is a working farm, with grain crops such as corn, wheat and soybeans. And who can forget the pumpkins!"

  • 1410 Belvedere Drive, Fredericksburg, Virginia 22408
  • (540) 373-4478
  • Cackling Farm Pass: $16
    • Regular pass
  • Crowing Farm Pass: $22.50
    • Extra-value pass
  • Coupons and More
What to do: 
  • Explore the huge farm!
  • Cut your own flowers.
  • Shoot pumpkins
  • Feed/pet animals
  • See the owner's soon-to-be Thanksgiving dinner (Turkey!)
  • Watch the Pig Race
  • Eat :)
  • Ride the hayride to the pumpkin patch
  • Pick your own pumpkin off the vine!
  • If you have children:
    • Tons of playgrounds
    • Art tents
    • Activity tents
  • Shop for jams, food, toys, etc.
  • Corn maze!
  • Click here for more information!
Calendar of Events:
Picture Time:
 Above: Part of my lovely family.
 Right Side: Me sitting in a pumpkin patch. Yes, I am holding one of my whopper pumpkins! All you can carry for $26.95. My suggestion, find a strong person to walk 3 steps with all the pumpkins you want! 

My little sister and I trying out handmade pumpkin hats. If I remember correctly, the hat costs about $22.50.

I love feeding goats! Oh, and look at the size of the turkey awaiting a sad, but delicious fate.

Pay $5 for a white cup filled with as many flowers as you can fit. Yes, B and I cut all the flowers in our cup (sunflowers and wildflowers). I would definitely recommend going into the garden and picking out your own flowers!

Check out the pumpkin shooting. Adults give a small donation and children are free (no donation necessary) to direct and pull the trigger. Oh, and what are you aiming for? A target set up a long distance away! Good luck!!

 B and I having fun with one of the many scarecrows on the farm. And that may or may not be B rolled up into a hay bale. 

Sadie wishes everyone a happy fall!

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