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Adventures Abroad
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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Trend: Knee High Socks and Shorts

Hello, fellow fashionistas!

Previously, I talked about Falling For Fall's Fashion and I decided to try the knee high socks and shorts trend. So, if you read the whole blog post, then you clearly thought to check back for pictures of me.  Oh, and don't worry, I will tell you where I got my simple necessities for the outfit!

What I decided to wear on this chilly day:

1.) A smile is the best accessory!

2.) A simple, yet cozy, gray sweater
3.) Black tuxedo shorts with a black belt

4.) Gray knee high socks (Yes, I know they look blue in the picture)

5.) Black booties with cute buckles

6.) A simple necklace

Where to find this outfit:

  1. Sweater: 
  2. Shorts:
  3. Belt:
  4. Necklace:
  5. Socks: 
  6. Shoes:
Grand Total: $215.88

Budget Friendly Option:
  • Shop in your closet!! 
    • I guarantee you already have these pieces laying around. 
    • Mix & Match to make your own personal version!
      • Try out an orange sweater and stockings.
    • Instead of a necklace, add a chunky scarf!
    • Try pearls!
    • Or, throw on a blazer to finish up the outfit!
  • Remember, fall trends only work if you feel comfortable and confident in what you wear!
  • Oh, and always have fun with your outfit!!

Hair & Makeup:

  • H: I prefer Parisian hairstyle: Dried and natural!
    • However, you can try a bun, straight, or curly hair!
  • M: Today, I chose black eyeliner and mascara.
    • However, winged eyeliner would look great too!
Need help or inspiration:

Did you try out the trend? If so, share your pictures and story with me!
If not, give it a shot and show the world how confident you really are!

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