Adventures Abroad

Adventures Abroad
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Monday, January 9, 2012

Start 2012 Right

Today, I woke up thinking about the new adventures that await me. This year, I will take my last semester of classes (hopefully), graduate, and get thrown into the chaotic world of job hunting. After careful examination, I decided I need to get started with the planning and searching.

Step 1:
I started with the basic, a resume. Before today, I never had a resume because I never actually needed one. I found resume writing to be quite easy with the help of the Internet. Of course, I plan on having my boyfriend look over mine because he has had experience with resumes. If you do not have one and plan to start writing one, then I suggest visiting a google search or sites like Livecareer.

Step 2:
After finishing a simple looking resume, I decided to head to NatGeo for a possible internship. I sent out my resume for an internship in marking and communications. Fingers crossed that I get it! Now it is your turn to search for your dream internship, whether it is for NatGeo or a hospital, get started today!

Step 3:
Social networking is a great way to find future employers. A professional form of Facebook is called LinkedIn, so I suggest you check it out. I went there and created a profile in about 2 minutes. Of course, this profile is not finished and I have no recommendations yet, but in time, it will happen.

Step 4:
View from my window
Now that you have written a resume, applied for an internship, and became a member of LinkedIn, you can relax...for now.  I am sure by the time you successfully finished these tasks, it probably took about 2 hours of your day. Right? Well, then I suggest you grab the kettle and boil some water. Make yourself a nice, hot cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the site of the snow falling (if there is snow ;) ).

Remember, life is only as hard as you make it!

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