Adventures Abroad

Adventures Abroad
Machu Picchu

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Art is what you can get away with"

As the water runs, I wash off the brushes covered in the many colors of tonight's adventure. My olive skin is no more, but is dyed many colors. The once polished looking nails at the end of my long fingers are now pink, blue, and black.  This discoloration will not last long, but is one of the many consequences of painting. 

Every once in awhile, I feel the urge to paint and express myself. Tonight, my wanderlust struck and led me to paint my wants and needs...traveling the world.


-Paint Brushes
-Cup of Water
-Paper Towels

How to Recreate:
1) Take the canvas you have and sketch (very lightly) a map of the world. I suggest sketching the map with a pencil. This is your creation, so don't worry if you make a small mistake. 
2) Set up shop. Take your canvas and lay it on newspaper or a plastic bag to avoid painting the floor. Then, line up a cup of water, paper towels, paint brushes, and paint.
3) Choose at least 3 colors of paint for this project. Again, this is your creation so feel free to choose more colors. 
4) Paint the canvas first. Try to avoid painting the map you sketched out because you won't be able to see the sketched lines as clearly when they are covered in paint.
5) Paint the map. 
6) If you choose, paint the phrase "let's get lost" on it or customize it with your own phrase.
7) Congratulations! Let the canvas dry. Then, hang that beautiful creation up for the world to see.

-Warhol once said, 


In other words:
-Be creative
-Have fun
-Be yourself

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